About Aura-colour

This exciting and multi-dimensional Aura-Colour system has been created by Angela Waudby from channelled guidance, given by the Ascended Masters and through spiritual communication with Angels and Guides throughout the last 2 years.  It is a system that connects with the beautiful energy of 24 Ascended Masters and a spectacular collection of harmonising Colour Rays.

The Aura-Colour system is brought through the Heart chakra and those subtle bodies that surround the Aura. The system may be used as a spiritual tool to connect with your chosen Ascended Master and also, as a link, with the Chakra and energy points of your body which may need healing and/or reenergising. Colour is a stunning healing element that can be easily accessed so we may bring it into our lives, for example, by the clothes we wear; how we decorate our homes or go out into Nature, linking with the colours of Flora, our wondrous Cosmos and Earth.

The system revolves around '8', which is the number of eternal energy and strength. So, if you are drawn to this system, '8' may be a number to which you are connected and the path you are presently walking, in daily and spiritual practice. In the Tarot, '8' is the Strength card, a time to draw on our inner emotional, mental and physical strength. The Aura-Colour system then, may help us to deal with these difficult challenging times. In today’s society, how many times is our strength/inner resolve tested through family and personal problems?

The system goes back to basics. Nothing complicated. Simply, powerful Ascended Master’s energy with harmonising Colour Rays.

Aura-Colour has returned from Ancient times, revealing the healing powers of the Essenes. A group of people who lived by the laws of Nature and the Seasons, whilst possessing a deep, profound cosmic and universal knowledge. Jesus, Mary Magdalene and Mother Mary were Essenes, who also understood the ways of the Druids as they spent much time at Glastonbury (Avalon)  in Britain before and after the Crucifixion. This form of healing was created thousands of years ago, in Ancient Egypt, Golden Atlantis and Lemuria. Here, all we are doing is re-igniting the deep cellular memory of how mankind healed and reenergised in those times, re-charging hidden chakras and releasing powerful energies that have been buried deep within the psyche for many years. The Earth, together with all that lives on this planet have dimensionally shifted and now is the time to embrace this positive change.

The Aura-Colour products, and harmonising Rays, may be used in a restorative session of many forms. Imagine how you can prompt the healing process with the fragrance of Mary Magdalene and see yourself, or client, embraced in the Amaranth Red Ray of the Divine Feminine. Within another dimension, we may bring the system into the 21st century as this product is a wonderful tool for women, or men, who have been through difficult, heart breaking relationships that rock the root of the Soul. You may wish to select another, for example Lady Nada is for those who have had to deal with abusive relationships or there is the beautiful fragrance of Mother Mary for when we must show compassion and love towards family situations, you may even be grieving over the loss of your precious Mum who displayed the qualities of Mother Mary.

As the system progresses an energy attunement system will become available where people, if they wish, may be attuned to the Ascended Masters, and harmonising Colour Rays, through symbols and Power Mandalas. However, you may simply wish to bring the beautiful Aura Sprays, and related products, into your own development or healing practice. In addition, there will be workshops exploring Flower Essences, Tree and Herb Wisdom, The Tree of Life, connecting with Planetary and Constellation energies, plus much, much more. Chakra empowerment will be a major force in this system as, Angela believes, there are several Chakras within the body that have been shut down and, as we are in the Aquarian age, it is a time to re-awaken them.

So, please browse the website and enjoy what you see.  It will be constantly developing and evolving as new products appear as well as becoming more informative.

Please contact me for further details or to pass on any comments, which will be most welcome.  Blessings Angela x.