About The Aura Fragrance Sprays

The Aura Fragrance Sprays are a unique range of beautifully presented energy sprays developed by Angela Waudby, an experienced complementary therapist. They are lovingly created through channelled guidance from her Guardian Angels, Spirit Guides and divine communication with the Ascended Masters. They can be used as high vibrational tools for spiritual growth in many ways.

These fragrances are a blend of healing and high frequency energies from the Angelic Realms, and from the Divas and Elementals of the Mineral and Plant Kingdoms. They contain Angelic and Ascended Master blessings, the highest quality essential oils, flower essences and gem elixirs. All of the flower essences are hand-made and composed of many exquisite flowers and stately trees that grow in Angela’s garden. The gem elixirs are also hand-made from a stunning collection of crystals that Angela has acquired over many years. Therefore each aura fragrance serves to uniquely harmonise and unify our energetic being, allowing us to heal and transform our lives in a gentle manner whilst assisting our spiritual development.

These fragrances can be chosen by:
Personal selection according to aroma, colours, connection and visualization with the essence and/or the energy contained within the fragrance bottle.

They can be used by:
Individuals, counsellors, light workers, mediums or therapists to clear, energise and complement a healing or reading. Use either as a room fragrance to clear, enhance and lift the energies within that space or for personal use.

Instructions for use:
Shake the bottle gently then spray around the aura, the body or into the room space. Do not spray into the eyes. Not to be taken internally. Keep away from young children. Do not use if you are pregnant or have been diagnosed with epilepsy. 

Always consult a GP or qualified Aromatherapist if you have a medical condition and are unsure about using this product. Keep in a cool place.