A very warm welcome to the new Archangel Studio website now incorporating all our our products together.
I hope you enjoy the inspirational and spiritual connection from this special place and I thank you for taking the time to browse here.
Blessings & Great Peace. Angela Waudby.

All products come with a beautifully designed Archangel Blessings Wish Postcard to enhance positive Angelic Guidance and Manifestation.


Our latest range

  • Ray 06 Quan Yin

    Ray 06 Quan Yin

    A creative and powerful Mandala of Ray 06 Quan Yin.
  • Spirit


    The Spirit spray strengthens the mediumistic ability drawing the positive energy of the spirit world in all its forms and manifestations closer.
  • The Gold Ray of Christ

    The Gold Ray of Christ

    The Christ light enfolds you in unconditional love and peace. It enables you to be truly harmless, one of the greatest divine qualities that offer true protection.