All products come with a beautifully designed Archangel Blessings Wish Postcard to enhance positive Angelic Guidance and Manifestation. Buy 3 or more products and receive an Archangel Raphael Aura Spray as a gift. A refreshing energy to create a Sacred Space in which healing can take place.

About Us

My name is Angela Waudby and I am the creator and owner of The Archangel Studio and The Archangel Aura Fragrances. I live in a rural part of East Yorkshire with my husband Roger, my beloved 2 dogs and all the amazing wildlife that is nestled deep inside my garden. I now keep bees. I am continually fascinated in which the way the Honeybees have changed the energy in the garden, I am so grateful of the benefits they bring.

Over several years I have achieved qualifications in Aromatherapy, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Crystal Healing, Flower Essence Consultations, Reflexology, Angel and Tarot Card Readings, Soul Face Reading, Angelic and Usui Shiki Reiki. I am also an Angelic and Usui Shiki reiki Master Teacher. I have met many interesting people from all walks of life and loved the great experiences it gave me.

Presently I have followed my inner guidance and knowledge of crystals, essential oils and flower essences combined together to produce a range of Archangel Aura Fragrances and related products.

As we move onwards into 2022, an exciting new age time of expanding consciousness and cosmic awareness has emerged. We have an amazing opportunity to achieve and embrace all we wish for in our physical and spiritual lives whilst positively changing the frequency and healing our beloved Earth. We are wise old souls, all we have to do is simply take control of our lives and be the master of our own destiny.

Many Blessings