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This fragrance aids connection to Akhenaten, Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt.

Product information

This fragrance aids connection to Akhenaten, Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt.

I am Akhenaten, Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt and Christed Master of Divine Love and Light. I stand in the new Light of the Aten, the Great Central Sun, and pour forth a new vibration of the Christ Consciousness onto your planet and into your sacred hearts. I have channelled this highest vibration into this spray to assist you in your transformation and ascension into the Light of truth, love, joy and peace.

Contains: Spring Water, Organic Alcohol.
Essential Oils: Cassia, Hyssop.
Gem Elixir: Lapis Lazuli, Sunstone.

Instructions for use:
Gently shake the bottle. Spray around the Aura or the Sacred Space. You may use the Aura Spray as a perfume or mist a small amount onto a tissue and inhale the scent. Do not spray into the eyes. Not to be taken internally. Keep away from young children. Do not use if pregnant. Always consult a General Medical Practitioner or a qualified Aroma therapist if you have a medical condition and are unsure of using the products. Do not use if you have been diagnosed with Epilepsy. Keep in a cool place.

Technical specifications

Brand: Ancient Egyptian
Code: 05-028-S
Type: Fragrance Spray
Size: 50ml Bottle

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