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The Archangel Studio is open during the Christmas period. Please note that any orders after the 15th December may not be delivered in time for Christmas. All items are handmade to order so things take a little longer and there will be Royal Mail delays. Winter solstice Offer. Buy 3 or more products and receive a free item. You may add in items which product you would like, or I shall intuitively choose one for you. Bright blessings, Angie Waudby.

Archangel Aura Sprays

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Abundance & Wealth
This fragrance assists the Angelic Realms in showering us with abundance, happiness and wealth. It helps dispel any deeply held thoughts that we do not deserve such gifts and helps us to joyfully embrace all that the Universe bestows upon us.
Akashi Record Connection
A fragrance to aid connection with our Akashic record, or Divine Blueprint, for this lifetime. It assists in raising our awareness beyond our Earthbound existence, so opening the vaults of our soul, contracts, lessons, gifts etc.
Angelic Connection
This fragrance enhances our connection with the Angelic Realms by invoking their guidance, support and wisdom, and specifically draws close our Guardian Angel.
Calm & Peace
This fragrance aids connection with the Angelic Realms to bring calm, healing and peace after or during times of unhappiness, difficulty or sadness. It relieves feelings of anxiety and can be used when finding it difficult to cope with problems or situations such as exams, driving tests or flying.
Cleansing & Purification
A fragrance for cleansing and purification. This spray clears old, resistant energy and dissolves negative patterns of behaviours and thoughts rendering them obsolete. It energises the aura, or a chosen room space, filling it with a protective, purifying gold and white light.
Harmony & Work
This fragrance aids connection with the Angelic Realms to bring happiness, harmony and respect into the workplace. It helps dispel any negative thoughts by balancing the energies of all.
Love & Relationships
This fragrance connects us with the Angelic Realms who bring love into our lives to repair disharmonious relationships and emotions; to care for and love our inner child; to summon our soul mate, or to resurrect passion and tenderness into existing unions.
A fragrance for use in Meditation creating a Sacred Space or Temple of Peace. It helps to calm the mind and body, so accessing the higher levels of consciousness which are our divine heritage.
Psychic Protection
This fragrance invokes psychic protection from the Angelic Realms to expel negative energies and thoughts that may be projected towards us, knowlingly or unknowingly. An excellent fragrance to assist in discarding old ties and emotions which no longer serve our highest good.
Spiritual Clearing
This fragrance is for connection with the Angelic Realms to clear an area such as a room in a house, of lower energy. It assists in directing restless spirits to the Light, whilst protecting incarnate souls from lower frequencies.
Spiritual Connection
This fragrance helps us to connect with the channels of Divine communication via the assistance of the Angelic Realms and entrusted Spirit Guides in a safe and protected manner. It invokes your Gatekeeper Guide and allows only messages from the Light and for our highest good to be received.
The Unicorn Kingdom
A fragrance inspiring connection to the magical, mystical kingdom of the Unicorns. Like a magic wand, their power emanates from their horn, touching you with the Christ light.
The Violet Flame
This fragrance is for connection with the Angelic Realms of the Violet Flame, a spiritual healing tool brought forward by the Ascended Masters and Archangels of the 7 Rays. The Violet Flame transmutes lower frequency energies that may be lodged in our physical or spiritual being and which may include, discord, illness, karmic debts, personal issues or old ties.