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Ascended Masters

A powerful range of Ascended Aura fragrances for connection with the Ascended Masters who are highly enlightened souls. They have stepped off the wheel of reincarnation and wish to serve us as spiritual teachers.
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Connecting with the Masters
A fragrance inspiring connection with the Ascended Masters, the enlightened souls who have stepped off the wheel of reincarnation and who wish to serve us as spiritual teachers and guides from the realms of light. It is their wish to, protect, inspire and heal us in our human form while incarnate.
Mary Magdelene
A fragrance to aid connection with our Divine counterpart - or Twin Flame - opening to the bliss of that love which lies beyond all Earthly limitations. Surrender to the resurrection of the Magdalene Flame, the flame of eternal love, and draw closer to the essence of your beloved.
A fragrance inspiring communion with Melchizedek, High Priest and Spiritual Teacher whose training carries through all incarnations, and whose initiates are the custodians of esoteric secrets. He teaches us mastery over the four lower bodies and lifts our awareness to a higher state of consciousness.
This fragrance is for the connection to Merlin the Magician - Master of Astrology, Celtic Shaman and Keeper of Ancient Knowledge.
Mother Mary
A fragrance aligning us with the energies of Mother Mary, Divine Mother and Queen of the Angelic realms. It assists us in entering into the deepest recesses of our heart and allowing the love within to flow.
Pacal Votan
A fragrance inspiring connection to the knowledge and wisdom of Lord Pacal Votan (603-638 AD) who ruled the Empire of Nah Chan Palenque (Mexico) for 52 years. He was known as the Messenger of Time, an Avatar and a Master teacher of the Ancient Mayan people.
Sai Baba
This fragrance aids connection to the three incarnations of Shirdi, Sathya and Prema Baba. The first Avatar, Shirdi Baba, gave mankind the message of duty as work and he lived his message through the essence of his being.
This fragrance aids connection with Sananda, the ascended Christ, who was prepared before birth and during his life as Jesus to anchor the light for the new dimensional energy - the wave of ascension.
This fragrance aids connection to the Ascended Master Sarah, daughter of Mary Magdalene and the Master Jesus. Sarah holds the Christlight in unity consciousness and integrates all that we are. She connects you with your own divinity.
St. Francis of Assisi
This fragrance aids connection with St. Francis of Assisi who devoted his life to Christ's work following his conversion in his early 20s when he renounced material wealth to be true to his spiritual calling.
St. Germain
This fragrance aids connection with St. Germain, Master of ancient wisdom and keeper of the Violet Flame - a spiritual alchemical tool through which we transmute lower energy into higher, positive frequencies.