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Aura Colour

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Ray 01 Mary Magdalene
This fragrance aids connection to our divine counterpart (Twin Flame) opening to the bliss of love which lies beyond Earthly limitations.
Ray 02 El Morya
This fragrance aids connection to El Morya, Ascended Master who, during his incarnation as Ranbir Singh, a member of the royal family of Kashmir in the 1800s, made many fair and humane changes to the laws. Invoke El Morya to clear, sustain and protect your spiritual energy and visions - also when seeking assistance with issues that require a dynamic force to bring about a solution.
Ray 03 Mahatma Kuthumi
This fragrance aids connection to Mahatma Kuthumi, Ascended Master and member of the Great White Brotherhood.
Ray 04 Serapis Bey
Serapis Bey is an Egyptian Master of ascension and a bridge between Heaven and Earth. His Ascension Chamber is in Luxor, Egypt. He also reveals Atlantean empowerments and truths. Serapis Bey calls upon us to take charge of ourselves - emotionally, physically and spiritually.
Ray 05 Master Hilarion
This fragrance aids connection to the Ascended Master Hilarion who assists in re-awakening divine healing power; he also inspires truth amongst religious leaders and followers.
Ray 06 Quan Yin
This fragrance aids connection to Quan Yin, the beloved Buddhist Goddess whose name means she who hears all prayers. On her mortal death she remained close to Earth to help those seeking enlightenment.
Ray 07 Mother Mary
This fragrance aids connection to Mother Mary, mother of the Christ child. Mary reflects the Ma-ray or Mother Ray of Gods light. Hence, she is known as Mary, Mother of God. She is Queen of the Angelic Realms and assists us in entering into the deepest recesses of our heart, allowing love to flow within.
Ray 08 Pallas Athena
This fragrance aids connection to Pallas Athena, daughter of Zeus (ruler of Olympus). The Greeks named the city of Athens in her honour after her gift of the Olive tree to the people. Pallas Athena personifies triumph of reason over passion, exhibiting what we can aspire to when we allow true power and wisdom to unite in rational behaviour and judgement.
Ray 09 St. Germain
This fragrance aids connection to St Germain, custodian of the Violet Flame which assists and quickens our transformation at this vital time for the Worlds Lightworkers by empowering and transmuting negative energy from our soul.
Ray 10 Sophia
This fragrance aids connection to Sophia, Divine Mother and Gnostic Great Mother. She is Goddess of Heaven, Mother of the Stars and the Hebdomas, the Seven powers who created the world.
Ray 11 Lady Gaia
This fragrance aids connection to Lady Gaia, who created herself out of primordial chaos. From her womb sprang all life and unto her all living things must return. She represents the ecosystem of Earth - healing, nurturing and supporting all life on this planet, working to achieve and maintain harmony. 
Ray 12 King Solomon
This fragrance aids connection to King Solomon, renouned for his wisdom, wealth and writing. King Solomon asks us to use our ancient wisdom and reasoning held deep within our soul to discover the conclusions we seek.
Ray 13 The Christ
This fragrance aids connection to Christ, also known as the Ascended Master Jesus. He directs his energies to the mass of humanity whose minds he seeks to prepare for the coming of the New World Teacher.
Ray 14 Maha Chochan
This fragrance aids connection to the Maha Chohan, hierarch of the seven Chohans of the colour rays. His name means ‘the Great Lord’ and he is a representative of the Holy Spirit to Earth and her evolutions.
Ray 15 Djwal Khul
This fragrance aids connection to Master Djwal Khul, known as The Tibetan or Master DK. Master Djwal Khul is dedicated to helping all souls achieve enlightenment.
Ray 16 Lord Sanat Kumara
This fragrance aids connection to Lord Sanat Kumara, Ancient of Days, who ignited the Flame of Ascension on Earth at the dawn of its civilisation. He came to Earth with 144,000 enlightened souls to anchor the Three Fold Flame until mankind could sustain it for themselves. That time is now.
Ray 17 Lady Venus
This fragrance aids connection to Lady Venus, Goddess of beauty, love and passion. Also known as Aphrodite Urania representing soul mate love and Aphrodite Pandemos representing pure physical lust, Lady Venus asks us to look into the depths of our soul, cast aside all doubt and ego, and just 'Be'.
Ray 18 Lady Guinevere
This fragrance aids connection to Lady Guinevere, Queen & Consort to King Arthur of Camelot - the mystical place beyond the mists of time in Avalon. Lady Guinevere was an educated scribe to the court, wise counsellor, devoted wife of King Arthur and lover of Sir Lancelot. She teaches us to confront any issues challenging our sovereignty or authority so we may stand in our own power.
Ray 19 Lord Merlin
This fragrance aids connection to Lord Merlin the Magician – Master of Astrology, Celtic Shaman and Keeper of Ancient Magick. He was the adviser and prophet of King Arthur’s Kingdom, and helps us capture the spirit of alchemy by living on the earthly plane yet understanding the mythical worlds we can enter.
Ray 20 Lady Portia
This fragrance aids connection to Lady Portia, Twin Flame of St Germain, Goddess of Justice, and member of the Karmic Board. She helps those who criticise others and answers our call for balance in our life.
Ray 21 Lady Nada
This fragrance aids connection to Lady Nada, one of the Lords of Karma who works with Archaeons Seraphina and Lady Charity.  Lady Nada supports those who feel encumbered by their physical bodies and its restrictions, especially in the areas of emotional or physical neglect/abuse. She encourages self-confidence, respect and worth.
Ray 22 Pegasus
This fragrance aids connection to the winged horse Pegasus, son of Medusa and Poseidon. His father Poseidon, God of the Sea was Patron of Atlantis, an island populated by a powerful and noble race.  Call upon Pegasus, the revered and mystical stallion, to convey to your soul the wisdom of the Golden Age of Atlantis.
Ray 23 Lord Meru
This fragrance aids connection to Lord Meru, Lemurian sage and Keeper of the scrolls during the last days of Mu (Lemuria). He was delegated by the Hierarchy to take the Sacred Scrolls with the Golden Disk of the Sun to be kept within The Monastery of the Brotherhood of the Seven Rays, deep in the Valley of the Blue Moon on Lake Titicaca, high in the Andes.
Ray 24 The Elohim
This fragrance aids connection to the Elohim, the Archangels of the Divine, who seek to observe rather interfere in the destiny of man. They enable us to traverse the time line so we may connect to the Cosmos in all its forms.
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