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Aura Fragrance Sprays

The Aura Fragrance Sprays are a unique range of beautifully presented energy sprays developed by Angela Waudby, an experienced complementary therapist. They are lovingly created through channelled guidance from her Guardian Angels, Spirit Guides and divine communication with the Ascended Masters. They can be used as high vibrational tools for spiritual growth in many ways.
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01 The Fool
A fragrance inspiring impulsive and self-confident actions. Infused with gold Calcite The Stone of Golden Spontaneity.
02 The Magician
A fragrance inspiring courage, drive and personal initiative, realizing our potential. Infused with Merlinite The Stone of Magic.
03 The High Priestess
A fragrance inspiring mystery, intuition and silent power. Infused with Larimar The Stone of Enlightenment.
04 The Empress
A fragrance inspiring feminine vitality, harmony and sensual pleasure. Infused with Orange Carnelian The Stone of the Essence of Life.
05 The Emperor
A fragrance inspiring masculine influence and leadership. Infused with Amethyst The Stone of a Sea of Amethyst.
06 The Hierophant
A fragrance inspiring education and wisdom of traditional rules and values. Infused with Staurolite The Fairy Cross Stone.
07 The Lovers
A fragrance inspiring love, trust and self-acceptance. Infused with Rose Quartz The Stone of a Heartsong.
08 The Chariot
A fragrance inspiring clarity, diligence and willpower. Infused with Herkimer Diamond The Stone of the Shining One.
09 Strength
A fragrance inspiring courage, self-awareness and strength. Infused with Tigers Eye The Stone of the Master of Evolution.
10 The Hermit
A fragrance inspiring careful reflection and the search for guidance and inner wisdom. Infused with Labradorite The Stone of the Chalice of Illumination.
11 Wheel of Fortune
A fragrance inspiring synchronicity and change, taking every chance of new opportunities presented. Infused with Emeralds The Stone of the Emerald Door.
12 Justice
A fragrance inspiring fairness, logic and taking responsibility for our choices. Infused with Apophyllite The Stone of Truth.
13 The Hanged Man
A fragrance inspiring seeing matters from all angles, changing priorities and living for the moment, not in the past. Infused with Golden Beryl The Stone of Initiative and Potential.
14 Death
A fragrance inspiring the closing of old cycles and the awakening of the new. Infused with clear quartz The Stone of the Crystal Oracle.
15 Temperance
A fragrance inspiring the harmony of desires and needs, clarity and mutual respect. Infused with Rainbow Aqua Quartz "The Stone of the Rainbow Pathway".
16 The Devil
A fragrance relinquishing oppression, old beliefs and manipulation by others. Infused with Ruby The Stone of Abundance, Clear Vision and Protection of the Ruby Guardian.
17 The Tower
A fragrance inspiring clean breaks with the past and profound revelations. Infused with Smokey Quartz The tone of the Akashic Archive.
18 The Star
A fragrance inspiring joy and optimism, bringing the love of the angels into our hearts. Infused with Citrine The Stone of the Sentinels of the Sun.
19 The Moon
A fragrance inspiring the trust of our feminine intuition and psychic knowledge. Infused with Moonstone The Stone of Lunarias Flight.
20 The Sun
A fragrance inspiring friendships, happiness and self-confidence. Infused with Sunstone The Stone of Joie de Vivre.
21 Judgement
A fragrance inspiring final decisions, conclusions and endings, leaving the past behind. Infused with Selenite The Stone of the Wisdom Keeper.
22 The World
A fragrance inspiring completion, fulfilment and knowledge that the World is your Oyster. Infused with Topaz The tone of Sacred Treasure.
Abundance & Wealth
This fragrance assists the Angelic Realms in showering us with abundance, happiness and wealth. It helps dispel any deeply held thoughts that we do not deserve such gifts and helps us to joyfully embrace all that the Universe bestows upon us.
The Air spray opens the throat centre inspiring clearer listening and graceful and eloquent communication and expression.
Akashi Record Connection
A fragrance to aid connection with our Akashic record, or Divine Blueprint, for this lifetime. It assists in raising our awareness beyond our Earthbound existence, so opening the vaults of our soul, contracts, lessons, gifts etc.
This fragrance aids connection to Akhenaten, Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt.
This fragrance aids connection to the galaxy Andromeda, located above the constellations of Aries and Pisces. Its brightest star is called Alpheratz.
Angelic Connection
This fragrance enhances our connection with the Angelic Realms by invoking their guidance, support and wisdom, and specifically draws close our Guardian Angel.
This fragrance aids protection to Anubis, who is symbolized by the Jackal.
Archangel Ariel
This fragrance aids connection to Archangel Ariel, guardian and protector of nature and all life native to Earth.
Archangel Azrael
This fragrance aids connection to Archangel Azrael, often referred to as the Archangel of Death. He escorts our departed souls on their heavenly journeys, ensuring they safely connect with the afterlife.
Archangel Chamuel
This fragrance aids connection with Archangel Chamuel who serves on the pink ray of unconditional love and nurturing.
Archangel Gabriel
This fragrance aids connection with Archangel Gabriel who serves on the white ray of purification, clarity and understanding.
Archangel Haniel
This fragrance aids connection to Archangel Haniel, whose presence helps us return to our true state of being and to the integrity of our Divine self.
Archangel Jeremiel
This fragrance aids connection with Jeremiel, Archangel of Mercy, who assists us to see clearly the effects of our life decisions and where they are leading us.
Archangel Jophiel
This fragrance aids connection with Archangel Jophiel who serves on the yellow ray of wisdom and illumination.
Archangel Metatron
A fragrance inspiring calmness, serenity and healing of the soul. It aligns our lightbody with the energies of Archangel Metatron and those of cosmic creation, linking us to the Tree of Life and all five Platonic Solids.
Archangel Michael
This fragrance aids connection with Archangel Michael who serves on the blue ray of protection, power and truth.
Archangel Raphael
This fragrance aids connection with Archangel Raphael who serves on the green ray of healing, harmony and abundance.
Archangel Ratziel
This fragrance aids connection with Archangel Ratziel, keeper of the secrets of the Universe, and helps us understand information which is divinely received. He opens us to higher levels of psychic ability and increases our perception of divine hearing, seeing and knowing.
Archangel Sandalphon
This fragrance aids connection with Archangel Sandalphon, twin aspect of Metatron. Sandalphons chief role is to carry our prayers to God so they can be answered. He assists with absent healing, anchoring Light on Earth, is Patron of Music & Heavenly Song, and Guardian of Earth.
Archangel Tzapkiel
This fragrance aids connection with Archangel Tzapkiel, an aspect of the Divine feminine and guardian of Akashic mysteries, who helps us access the deepest compassion within our hearts and be released from old karmic patterns.
Archangel Uriel
This fragrance aids connection with Archangel Uriel who serves on the ruby ray of spiritual devotion and mastery.
Archangel Zadkiel
This fragrance aids connection with Archangel Zadkiel who serves on the violet ray of transmutation and alchemy.
Archeia Charity
This fragrance aids connection to Archeia Charity, the divine complement and twin flame of Archangel Chamuel.
Archeia Faith
This fragrance aids connection to Archeia Faith, the divine complement and twin flame of Archangel Michael.
Archeia Hope
This fragrance aids connection to Archeia Hope, the divine complement and twin flame of Archangel Gabriel.
This fragrance aids connection to Arcturus which is the brightest star in the Bootes constellation.
Atlantis Crystal Skull Awakenment
Information coming soon...
This fragrance aids connection to Bastet (or Baast), the ancient Egyptian feline and fire Goddess represented as a woman with the head of a cat.
British Healers Association
The essence of this BHA healing fragrance is made up of seven essential oils and minerals.
Calm & Peace
This fragrance aids connection with the Angelic Realms to bring calm, healing and peace after or during times of unhappiness, difficulty or sadness. It relieves feelings of anxiety and can be used when finding it difficult to cope with problems or situations such as exams, driving tests or flying.
Cleansing & Purification
A fragrance for cleansing and purification. This spray clears old, resistant energy and dissolves negative patterns of behaviours and thoughts rendering them obsolete. It energises the aura, or a chosen room space, filling it with a protective, purifying gold and white light.
Connecting with the Masters
A fragrance inspiring connection with the Ascended Masters, the enlightened souls who have stepped off the wheel of reincarnation and who wish to serve us as spiritual teachers and guides from the realms of light. It is their wish to, protect, inspire and heal us in our human form while incarnate.
The Earth spray helps to ground the consciousness and energy of a person, anchoring that energy they are working with as well as the energy of the Soul.
Elen of the Ways
This fragrance aids connection to Elen of the Ways. Elen of the Ways is the ancient Celtic Horned Goddess who watches over the crossroads guiding lost souls to the light and also helping those lost on their spiritual path.
The Fire spray strengthens passion and motivation providing the courage to do those things, which we want and need to do.
Gnostic Goddess Seige
This fragrance aids connection to Seige, the Gnostic Goddess of Silence and the Crone aspect of primordial creation. Seige brings to us deep introspection, essential for meditation and personal growth.
Gnostic Goddess Shekinah
This fragrance aids connection to Shekinah, the Mother Gnostic Goddess who is wife of Jehovah and Mother of the Christ and Sophia. Shekinah is a powerful feminine presence. Her loving energy enfolds, nurtures, protects and heals, encouraging our awakening and ascension.
Goddess Blodeuwedd
This fragrance aids connection to Blodeuwedd meaning flower face, the Welsh Goddess of Spring.
Goddess Brigid
This fragrance aids connection to Brigid, Celtic Goddess of healing, prosperity and writing.
Goddess Sovereignty
This fragrance aids connection to Goddess Sovereignty. Sovereignty is the Goddess of Albion, ancient Britain and the guardian of the Heart Centre of the World.
This fragrance aids connection to The Green Man - symbol of rebirth, resurrection and vegetation of the land.
This fragrance connects to the Green Woman who is a goddess force of fertility and life.
Guardian Angel
This fragrance aids connection to your Guardian Angel by creating an open channel of communication.
Harmony & Work
This fragrance aids connection with the Angelic Realms to bring happiness, harmony and respect into the workplace. It helps dispel any negative thoughts by balancing the energies of all.
This fragrance aids connection to Hathor, Egyptian Goddess of motherhood, music and dancing.
This fragrance aids connection to Horus the celestial God who reigns over the sky and stars and is represented as a falcon.
This fragrance aids connection to Isis, Egyptian Moon Goddess, who embodies femininity, healing, magic and power. Daughter of Nut, wife of Osiris and mother of Horus, her name means She of the throne.
Lady of the Lake
This fragrance aids connection to The Lady of the Lake.
Lemuria & Mount Shasta
This fragrance aids connection to an advanced cycle of Lemurian people and their inner-dimensional, etheric city of Telos beneath Mount Shasta in California. Also assists in opening us up deep within our hearts to receive Lemurian healing which encourages us to love ourselves and others unconditionally.
Love & Relationships
This fragrance connects us with the Angelic Realms who bring love into our lives to repair disharmonious relationships and emotions; to care for and love our inner child; to summon our soul mate, or to resurrect passion and tenderness into existing unions.
This fragrance aids connection to Maat the ancient Egyptian Goddess who regulated the stars, seasons and actions of mortals.
Mary Magdelene
A fragrance to aid connection with our Divine counterpart - or Twin Flame - opening to the bliss of that love which lies beyond all Earthly limitations. Surrender to the resurrection of the Magdalene Flame, the flame of eternal love, and draw closer to the essence of your beloved.
A fragrance for use in Meditation creating a Sacred Space or Temple of Peace. It helps to calm the mind and body, so accessing the higher levels of consciousness which are our divine heritage.
A fragrance inspiring communion with Melchizedek, High Priest and Spiritual Teacher whose training carries through all incarnations, and whose initiates are the custodians of esoteric secrets. He teaches us mastery over the four lower bodies and lifts our awareness to a higher state of consciousness.
This fragrance is for the connection to Merlin the Magician - Master of Astrology, Celtic Shaman and Keeper of Ancient Knowledge.
Morgan Le Fay
This fragrance aids connection to Morgan Le Fay, the Arthurian sorceress, Welsh sea goddess, half-faerie and apprentice to Merlin.
Mother Earth
This fragrance aids connection to Mother Earth (Gaia) a living breathing entity, the divine feminine Goddess, the all nurturing Mother.
Mother Mary
A fragrance aligning us with the energies of Mother Mary, Divine Mother and Queen of the Angelic realms. It assists us in entering into the deepest recesses of our heart and allowing the love within to flow.
This fragrance aids connection to Nefertiti, Royal wife of the Egyptian Pharaoh Akhenaten.
This fragrance aids connection to Nuit/Nut, Goddess of the Heavens and Skies.
This fragrance aids connection to Orion, a star constellation located in the night sky of three bright stars of Hunters Belt.
This fragrance aids connection to Osiris, supreme god and judge of the dead, who is a symbol of resurrection and eternal life.
Pacal Votan
A fragrance inspiring connection to the knowledge and wisdom of Lord Pacal Votan (603-638 AD) who ruled the Empire of Nah Chan Palenque (Mexico) for 52 years. He was known as the Messenger of Time, an Avatar and a Master teacher of the Ancient Mayan people.
This fragrance aids connection to Pan. He is the Wild God of nature, revelry, dance and music.
Psychic Protection
This fragrance invokes psychic protection from the Angelic Realms to expel negative energies and thoughts that may be projected towards us, knowlingly or unknowingly. An excellent fragrance to assist in discarding old ties and emotions which no longer serve our highest good.
Ray 01 Mary Magdalene
This fragrance aids connection to our divine counterpart (Twin Flame) opening to the bliss of love which lies beyond Earthly limitations.
Ray 02 El Morya
This fragrance aids connection to El Morya, Ascended Master who, during his incarnation as Ranbir Singh, a member of the royal family of Kashmir in the 1800s, made many fair and humane changes to the laws. Invoke El Morya to clear, sustain and protect your spiritual energy and visions - also when seeking assistance with issues that require a dynamic force to bring about a solution.
Ray 03 Mahatma Kuthumi
This fragrance aids connection to Mahatma Kuthumi, Ascended Master and member of the Great White Brotherhood.
Ray 04 Serapis Bey
Serapis Bey is an Egyptian Master of ascension and a bridge between Heaven and Earth. His Ascension Chamber is in Luxor, Egypt. He also reveals Atlantean empowerments and truths. Serapis Bey calls upon us to take charge of ourselves - emotionally, physically and spiritually.
Ray 05 Master Hilarion
This fragrance aids connection to the Ascended Master Hilarion who assists in re-awakening divine healing power; he also inspires truth amongst religious leaders and followers.
Ray 06 Quan Yin
This fragrance aids connection to Quan Yin, the beloved Buddhist Goddess whose name means she who hears all prayers. On her mortal death she remained close to Earth to help those seeking enlightenment.
Ray 07 Mother Mary
This fragrance aids connection to Mother Mary, mother of the Christ child. Mary reflects the Ma-ray or Mother Ray of Gods light. Hence, she is known as Mary, Mother of God. She is Queen of the Angelic Realms and assists us in entering into the deepest recesses of our heart, allowing love to flow within.