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The Archangel Studio is open during the Christmas period. Please note that any orders after the 15th December may not be delivered in time for Christmas. All items are handmade to order so things take a little longer and there will be Royal Mail delays. Winter solstice Offer. Buy 3 or more products and receive a free item. You may add in items which product you would like, or I shall intuitively choose one for you. Bright blessings, Angie Waudby.


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The Air spray opens the throat centre inspiring clearer listening and graceful and eloquent communication and expression.
The Earth spray helps to ground the consciousness and energy of a person, anchoring that energy they are working with as well as the energy of the Soul.
The Fire spray strengthens passion and motivation providing the courage to do those things, which we want and need to do.
The Spirit spray strengthens the mediumistic ability drawing the positive energy of the spirit world in all its forms and manifestations closer.
The Water spray creates flow and grace in life allowing one to move with the tides of lifes challenges.