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This fragrance aids connection to Hathor, Egyptian Goddess of motherhood, music and dancing.

Product information

This fragrance aids connection to Hathor, Egyptian Goddess of motherhood, music and dancing. In this aspect her emblem was the sistrum, an ancient percussion instrument. All Egyptian women worshipped her and she is the protector of pregnant women. Her name means House of Horus and according to legend Hathor was the nurse of Horus the Younger. Thus her depiction as a woman with the head of a cow. According to legend as the Sun god Ra grew older he feared his enemies and asked Hathor for help. She turned into Sekhmet, the lion goddess, and enjoyed killing. Ra worried she would wipe out the human race so had red dye mixed in her ale. Thinking it was blood Hathor drank it and became very drunk, but pacified by the beer she resumed her persona as the beautiful Hathor and returned to Ra. As a fertility goddess and a goddess of moisture Hathor was linked with the Nile. In this aspect she aligns with the Dog Star Sirius whose rising above the horizon heralded the annual flooding of the Nile.

Call upon Hathor to assist with dance, music, love and motherhood.

Contains: Spring Water, Organic Alcohol.
Essential Oils: Jasmine, Spike Lavender.
Gem Elixir: Angel Aura Quartz, Azeztulite, Rose Quartz.

Instructions for use:
Gently shake the bottle. Spray around the Aura or the Sacred Space. You may use the Aura Spray as a perfume or mist a small amount onto a tissue and inhale the scent. Do not spray into the eyes. Not to be taken internally. Keep away from young children. Do not use if pregnant. Always consult a General Medical Practitioner or a qualified Aroma therapist if you have a medical condition and are unsure of using the products. Do not use if you have been diagnosed with Epilepsy. Keep in a cool place.

Technical specifications

Brand: Ancient Egyptian
Code: 05-031-S
Type: Fragrance Spray
Size: 50ml Bottle

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