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All products come with a beautifully designed Archangel Blessings Wish Postcard to enhance positive Angelic Guidance and Manifestation. Buy 3 or more products and receive an Archangel Raphael Aura Spray as a gift. A refreshing energy to create a Sacred Space in which healing can take place.

Healing The Aura

Calming, empowering and gentle Healing Aura Fragrance Sprays for use in absent healing, healing sessions, Reiki, personal and spiritual development.
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British Healers Association
The essence of this BHA healing fragrance is made up of seven essential oils and minerals.
This fragrance aids connection to Reiki, the ancient spiritual Life Force, wisdom and energy rediscovered by Dr Mikao Usui in the 1800's.
Universal Healing
A fragrance inspiring connection to the divine channel of Universal healing energy, which is available to all, and is of the highest vibrational frequency.