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Reiki Candle

Reiki Archangel Aromatherapy Sacred Soy Candle 
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    Reiki Archangel Aromatherapy Sacred Soy Candle 

    The scent and light of this sacred candle aids connection to Reiki, the ancient spiritual Life Force, wisdom and energy rediscovered by Dr Mikao Usui in the 1800s.  After attunement by a Reiki Master you may use Reiki as a method of channeling Universal Life Energy through your hands to yourself or others.  It can be used for emotional, mental or physical pain or imbalances.  It is a nurturing, peaceful, relaxing energy of healing and unconditional love that restores a sense of wellbeing.

    Contains a small quartz crystal to charge the scent of Lavender and Pine, plus refreshing hints of citrus Lemon and Lime with light.

    All products come with a beautifully illustrated Archangel Blessings Wish card to enhance positive manifestation and well-being in your life.

    The Sacred Soy Candles have a burn time of approximately 30 hours.  Diameter 3in/8cm, height 2in/5cm. Weight 9oz/220grams

    Instructions for use:
    When burning your candle for the first time it is important to give it a 'memory' burn. Your candle should burn for 1 hour (not more and not less) for each inch of its diameter. These sacred soy candles are 3 inches in diameter so should be burned for 3 hours to establish a memory. This allows your candle to establish a full melt pool increasing the scent throw.

    Allow your candle to cool and harden before re-lighting and discontinue burning your candle when there is a quarter of an inch of wax left in the bottom.


    Weight : 0.255kg