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The Archangel Studio is open during the Christmas period. Please note that any orders after the 15th December may not be delivered in time for Christmas. All items are handmade to order so things take a little longer and there will be Royal Mail delays. Winter solstice Offer. Buy 3 or more products and receive a free item. You may add in items which product you would like, or I shall intuitively choose one for you. Bright blessings, Angie Waudby.


The Tarot Aura Fragrance Sprays
"The Tarot Aura Fragrance Sprays are the creation of Angela Waudby, Aromatherapist, Crystal Healer & Angelic Reiki Master. She was prompted by spirit to align a set of aura sprays with the Major Arcana cards of the Tarot following her studying the subject to advanced level with myself ... and so the sprays came into being. 
She received visions, promptings and channelled information over a number of months as to which gem elixirs, crystals and essences were to be blended for each individual spray and worked tirelessly until they were created to her absolute satisfaction. The proportions had to be correct as she was guided as to their number frequency (22) which determined the number of drops of each essence and gem elixir in each spray.  In addition, she was guided to charge the sprays for given periods of time in moonlight. 
Angela is a perfectionist in her field and holds a wealth of knowledge, reeling off information on the properties of the crystals and essences used like a true Master.  She has invested time, energy and money without question, trusting completely what the Universe prompted her to do.  The result is a range of 22 Tarot Aura Fragrance Sprays of the highest calibre which I am proud to have played a small part in and align my name with."

Trudy J Ashplant - Tarot Consultant & Teacher - www.trudyjashplant.co.uk

Aura Fragrance Sprays
"I have worked with sacred sprays, in one form or another, for twenty years now and in all that time have never encountered anything quite like Angie’s sprays! Imbued with the living life force essence of that energy that the sprays convey, the bottles shine with an aura of light – clairvoyantly seen – which is a testimony to their potency and connection. Each drop, when sprayed into the air, sparkles with this profound power and as the aroma hits the nose you are simply transported into the power and presence that can be found on the label of the spray. These simple and modestly priced wonders have not only a profound effect upon the people I have sprayed with them but also that space they are sprayed in and now I would simply never be without them. Thank you Angie for this incredible gift that you have given to us all. Having tried these little miracles there is, I assure you, no turning back to any other sprays out there. What an incredible help to anyone journeying on the spiritual path."

Edwin Courtenay - Clairvoyant, channel, healer and spiritual teacher, author of the Ascended Master Book of Ritual and Prayer, Reflections – the Masters Remember, and The Archangelic Book of Ritual and Prayer - www.ipssissimus.co.uk


Aura Fragrance Sprays
"I was first introduced to Angie's sprays and sacred waters by my good friend Edwin Courtenay and although I have used different aura sprays throughout my years of teaching Reiki and Green Ray workshops, I have never come across sprays that have such a "magical" quality. This I feel is down to Angie who is so conscientious, knowledgeable and passionate (oh and modest!) about her work. She is one incredibly talented spiritual lady. I now have a large selection of Angie's products including Green Ray and Lady Meadowsweet sprays which have proved invaluable in my Green Ray Reiki courses allowing myself and my students to benefit from some profound spiritual experiences. I feel these are the products of the future and will certainly assist anyone as they progress on their spiritual path. I have absolutely no hesitation in reccommending them. Try them and see what I mean. Keep on sprinkling that fairy dust Angie!"
Sue Hodgson Healer,channel and founder of the Green Ray Reiki system - www.callofnature.org