All products come with a beautifully designed Archangel Blessings Wish Postcard to enhance positive Angelic Guidance and Manifestation. Buy 3 or more products and receive an Archangel Raphael Aura Spray as a gift. A refreshing energy to create a Sacred Space in which healing can take place.

The Tarot

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02 The Magician
A fragrance inspiring courage, drive and personal initiative, realizing our potential. Infused with Merlinite The Stone of Magic.
03 The High Priestess
A fragrance inspiring mystery, intuition and silent power. Infused with Larimar The Stone of Enlightenment.
04 The Empress
A fragrance inspiring feminine vitality, harmony and sensual pleasure. Infused with Orange Carnelian The Stone of the Essence of Life.
06 The Hierophant
A fragrance inspiring education and wisdom of traditional rules and values. Infused with Staurolite The Fairy Cross Stone.
07 The Lovers
A fragrance inspiring love, trust and self-acceptance. Infused with Rose Quartz The Stone of a Heartsong.
12 Justice
A fragrance inspiring fairness, logic and taking responsibility for our choices. Infused with Apophyllite The Stone of Truth.
15 Temperance
A fragrance inspiring the harmony of desires and needs, clarity and mutual respect. Infused with Rainbow Aqua Quartz "The Stone of the Rainbow Pathway".
18 The Star
A fragrance inspiring joy and optimism, bringing the love of the angels into our hearts. Infused with Citrine The Stone of the Sentinels of the Sun.
19 The Moon
A fragrance inspiring the trust of our feminine intuition and psychic knowledge. Infused with Moonstone The Stone of Lunarias Flight.
20 The Sun
A fragrance inspiring friendships, happiness and self-confidence. Infused with Sunstone The Stone of Joie de Vivre.
22 The World
A fragrance inspiring completion, fulfilment and knowledge that the World is your Oyster. Infused with Topaz The tone of Sacred Treasure.